This is a list of quotes from different movies on The Mrs. Brisby's Adventures series.

The Prince and The PauperEdit

  • Mrs. Brisby - They are fine. I just wanted to see the world like what others did on their trips.

  • Mr. Ages - Have you tried an adventure?

  • Mr. Ages - I suppose - i could fix up something.

The Reluctant DragonEdit

  • Mouse Queen - Rule 1. No mineral or vegetable. Rule 2. No funny stuff or make believe things such as comedians or anything. Rule 3. No disappering!


  • Lord Farquaad - Why have you come back? I told you to and my men to capture the fairy tale creatures.

  • Ratigan - Your Highness. We came to inform you that we tried to catch a talking Donkey. But we are no match for some huge green monster.

  • Lord Farquaad - Aw. I am very disappointed in you my dear friends.

  • Fidget - It's just not easy trying to capture that mouse girl and her friends.

  • Jenner - No Matter. We still have a chance to get her again. Now get back out there and find her!

  • Bianca - Bernard. I am wondering how our daughter is doing.

  • Bernard - We found a message from you and Jeremy. We came to help you and Shrek rescue The Princess from the tower.

Shrek 2Edit

  • Mrs. Brisby - I just wanted to see the world like what others do on their adventures. So - I am going to see my parents who are from The Rescue Aid Society. Do you guys wanna come?

  • Scooby Doo - Look. I would like to too Mrs. Brisby. But the mystery gang and i heading back to Coolsville after we thanked Tom and Jerry for helping us defeat that mean old Fairy Godmother and brought Shrek and Fiona back together. So long.

  • Mrs. Brisby - So long Scooby. Safe journey home and remember us.